8 classic movements for women's fitness

Time:2019-01-07 01:32:58

Many MMs want to be good, and they worry that strength training will turn them into muscle women. Therefore, exercise weight loss will try to avoid strength training. In fact, because of the hormones in women, it is difficult for women to train their strength. Strength training, exercise muscles can increase the basal metabolic rate, help fat consumption, and also make the muscles more lined, making people more fit. Therefore, MMs do not have to worry about strength training to make themselves "strong."

So, if women want to lose weight through strength training, what can be done? Below, Xiao Bian recommended the classic movements of 8 female fitness.

Pick up push ups

79 Club Blast1. Standing, hands naturally drooping, feet together, knees can be slightly bent.

79 Club Blast2. Slowly squat until your hands touch the ground. Hold your hands on the ground and straighten your legs back. Then bend your elbows and raise your body down to make an ordinary push-up.

79 Club Blast3. The legs are retracted, the upper body is upright, the standing position is restored, and then the action is repeated.

79 Club BlastDumbbell level lifting

79 Club Blast1. Take a dumbbell with both hands and stand, legs apart and shoulder width.

2. Open both hands to the sides of the body, the elbows are slightly bent, and the two hands are on the same horizontal line.

3. Arms are raised along the sides of the body to the top of the head, and the arms can be slightly bent. Then, slowly lay down along the sides of your body. Repeat the action.

Dumbbell weight step

79 Club Blast1. Stand with 8-10 pounds of dumbbells on both hands facing the pedals. The left leg steps on the pedal, stands straight on the left leg, keeps the body straight, the hips tighten, and the right leg stretches back.

79 Club Blast2. The right leg is recovered and the body is lowered until the right foot is placed on the ground and the left leg is returned to the original position. The legs alternate 10-15 times.

79 Club BlastBarbell bench press

1. Lying on the bench press, holding the barbell, the distance between the two hands is slightly wider than the shoulder, the elbow is bent at 90 degrees, and the chest, the two forearms and the barbell form a rectangle.

79 Club Blast2. Slowly push the barbell, push it to the high point, then slowly lower the barbell. When you lower it, the barbell touches the chest, and then presses it, repeating the action about 10 times.

Neck squat

79 Club Blast1. Go to the stand, raise your arms under the barbell, cross your arms, lift your elbows, and hold the barbell with your hands to control it.

2. Lift the barbell from the stand and take a step back to separate your feet and keep your body balanced.

79 Club Blast3. Bend your knees down until the thighs are below the ground. During the squatting process, keep your head up and your back straight. Then slowly resume the standing position. Repeat the action.

Flat dumbbells flying birds

1. Sit on a flat bench press with dumbbells in each hand, palms facing each other, push up until the arms are straight and support above the chest.

2. The two hand-held dumbbells are dropped to both sides in parallel, the elbows are slightly bent, the dumbbells are dropped until the muscles on both sides of the chest are fully stretched, and the upper arm is lowered to a level below the shoulder. When the dumbbell falls, take a deep breath. Exhale when holding the bell and returning to the original position. Repeat the action.

Back supine

1. The body is lying on the back, the back of the hands is supported on a slightly higher stool, the two feet are placed on the shorter stool, and the rest of the body is suspended.

2. Exhale, relax your shoulders, bend your elbows slowly, and sink your body as much as possible (especially to sink your hips). Stop for 2-3 seconds, then inhale, and force your arms to support your body. Repeat it.

Sit up

79 Club Blast1. The body is lying flat, legs bent to 90 degrees, hands crossed the chest.

79 Club Blast2. Try to use your chin to get your knees. Shrink the abdomen and keep your chest as close as possible to your knees. Do 10-15 at a time.

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