Don't mistake fatigue as strength!

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79 Club BlastStill taking fatigue as exercise intensity?

Many people will use their hard work to measure their training intensity! I always want to go to the gym and I will torture myself. If it doesn't seem like I didn't practice it!

Fatigue value

79 Club BlastFor those who have certain training knowledge, the above questions should not be a big secret. However, the "fatigue training" that can be seen everywhere makes me wonder if everyone really did the exercise that they really need. Let us explore the following process:

First we need to know the importance of muscle strength training!

79 Club BlastModern people's living habits (sitting and not working) can easily lead to muscle loss, and muscle loss has a profound impact on physical health and quality of life. Therefore, modern sports training should include training to improve muscle strength and muscle mass.


79 Club BlastAnd for muscle and strength training you need to recognize the following:

1. Muscle mass is difficult to establish, most people are afraid of too little, not too afraid, you don't need to worry about practicing too strong.

79 Club Blast2. To stimulate muscle hyperplasia and increase muscle strength, you must have enough training "strength". The so-called intensity can be expressed simply by the weight that can be lifted by one action. In general, 6RM or more is suitable for maximizing muscle strength and muscle mass (high intensity), and 6-12RM is easier to accumulate training volume (medium strength). It is more commonly used for muscle growth. More than 15RM is more suitable for improving muscle endurance (low intensity)!

3. To stimulate muscle growth, and thus increase muscle strength, the weight required is actually much heavier than most people think. The general public who uses static life as their main lifestyle is rarely exposed to the intensity of training that stimulates muscle growth or muscle mass throughout the year.


a very tired exercise, not necessarily strong enough

You can use your underpowered exercise to make yourself tired and tired, and it is easy to get hurt, but you still don't have enough "strength".

This mistake is not only caused by the general public. Many sports coaches and fitness instructors are also prone to make this mistake. They run slowly on the treadmill, do a lot of light weight, or follow the blood music. Jumping and jumping all the time may feel very good in the middle of the sport, but if you only have this kind of exercise, this kind of training rarely touches a high enough intensity zone.


"Low-intensity fatigue", how tired, is also a "low-intensity training."

79 Club BlastPeople don't have to be strong forever, but if you want training to be effective, there are always times when you have to work hard to increase your strength.

Don't take "fatigue" as the "strength" of training.

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